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Accessories For Your Practice

While simply showing up is all that you need, having yoga props can be helpful to explore poses in a different, or more comfortable way. Below is a list of some basic yoga accessories, as well as a list of items you can use if the former are not available.

Yoga Basics

  •  Yoga mat

  • Yoga Strap

  • Bolster (densely packed cushion)

  • (2) yoga blocks

  • Blanket(s) 

Yoga Accessories
Colorful Books

Yoga Basic(ally)

  • Yoga Blocks = thick textbooks or a phone book (dating myself)

  • Strap = jump rope, robe tie, belt

  • Bolster = stacks on stacks of  tightly woven blankets

Add ons - for more pose variations or for comfort

  • Meditation cushion or firm pillow

  • Folding chair or sturdy chair without wheels

  • A nearby wall

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